Line 5 of the Paris metro: List of stations, line map

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ligne de metro 5

The line 5 of the Paris metro connects various points in the east of the capital located on a north-south axis from the station Place d'Italie, in the 13th arrondissement, at the Bobigny - Pablo Picasso station, which is located in Bobigny. The total length of this metro line is approximately 14.5 km. The total journey time from one terminus to the other is 34 minutes. The crossing of the Seine is done on a viaduct, at the level of the Gare d'Austerlitz. Line 5 has the particularity of connecting 3 Parisian stations: Gare d'Austerlitz, Gare de l'Est and Gare du Nord.

Line 5 was opened to the public in 1906. Before 1942, the route of line 5 was very different from what it is today: it left its terminus located at Etoile station (the current station Charles de Gaule-Etoile), took the current route of line 6 to Place d'Italie, and went up to the Gare du Nord (which was then its other terminus). Line 6 was then limited to the route between Nation and Place d'Italie. In 1942, it was decided that the southern terminus of line 5 would be at Place d'Italie and that line 6 would be extended to Etoile, using the old route of line 5.

The attendance of line 5 is approximately 114 million passengers per year, making it the eighth busiest line in the capital.

Subway frequency

On weekdays, the average waiting time between trains is two to four minutes during the day, seven to eight minutes after 8 p.m. Expect four to six minutes of waiting on Sunday during the day and ten minutes on the nights of Fridays to Saturdays, Saturdays to Sundays and the eves of holidays.

map of line 5 of the Paris metro Map of line 5 of the Paris metro

List of stations on line 5 from terminus to terminus with connections to other lines on the network:

Bobigny Pablo Picasso

Bobigny-Pantin Raymond Queneau

Eglise de Pantin


Porte de Pantin



Jaurès ligne de metro 7b-1 ligne de metro 7b ligne de metro 7b-2 ligne de metro 2

Stalingrad ligne de metro 7 ligne de metro 2

Gare du Nord ligne de metro 4 ligne de metro B ligne de metro D

Gare de l'Est ligne de metro 7 ligne de metro 4

Jacques Bonsergent

République ligne de metro 9 ligne de metro 3 ligne de metro 8 ligne de metro 11

Oberkampf ligne de metro 9

Richard Lenoir

Bréguet Sabin

Bastille ligne de metro 8 ligne de metro 1

Quai de la Rapée

Gare d'Austerlitz ligne de metro C ligne de metro 10-1 ligne de metro 10-2

Saint Marcel

Campo Formio

Place d'Italie ligne de metro 7 ligne de metro 6
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