Paris subway : from Bievres to Strasbourg Saint-Denis

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Result of the trip with two connection:

pieton Go to Bièvres and take subway line subway line C towards Massy-Palaiseau, Juvisy, Invalides, Javel, Versailles Rive Gauche
1 C Bièvres
2 C Igny
3 C Massy - Palaiseau
Change at Massy - Palaiseau station and take subway line subway line B towards Mitry Claye
Aéroport Charles de Gaulle
4 B Massy - Palaiseau
5 B Massy - Verrières
6 B Les Baconnets
7 B Fontaine-Michalon
8 B Antony
9 B La Croix de Berny
10 B Parc de Sceaux
11 B Bourg-la-Reine
12 B Bagneux
13 B Arcueil - Cachan
14 B Laplace
15 B Gentilly
16 B Cité Universitaire
17 B Denfert-Rochereau
18 B Port-Royal
19 B Luxembourg
20 B St-Michel Notre-Dame
21 B Châtelet - Les Halles
22 B Gare du Nord
Change at Gare du Nord station and take subway line subway line 4 towards Bagneux-Lucie Aubrac
23 4 Gare du Nord
24 4 Gare de l'Est
25 4 Château d'eau
26 4 Strasbourg Saint-Denis
pieton Get off at Strasbourg Saint-Denis
Position of the exits on the platform of the arrival station Strasbourg Saint-Denis (the wagons in green are near the exits)
position des sorties

From Bièvres to Strasbourg Saint-Denis by subway:

The fastest route in the Paris subway from Bièvres to Strasbourg Saint-Denis takes 72 minutes. This route takes lines subway line C, subway line B and subway line 4. It includes two connections at Massy - Palaiseau and Gare du Nord. The complete route crosses 26 stations . The place of departure, Bièvres, is located at a distance of 16,627 km from the destination (Strasbourg Saint-Denis). On foot, travel time between the departure station and the destination is 3 h 42 mn.

The station Strasbourg Saint-Denis, located at Paris, was inaugurated on   5 mai 1908. It benefits from an annual attendance of 9 917 647 travellers.

Detailed map of the Bièvres Strasbourg Saint-Denis subway route :


Streets near Strasbourg Saint-Denis station:

Boulevard de Sébastopol, Boulevard de Strasbourg, Boulevard Saint-Denis, Passage du Prado, Rue Blondel, Rue Saint-Martin, Rue Sainte-Apolline, Impasse de la Planchette, Passage Brady, Passage du Ponceau, Passage du Vertbois, Rue de l’Echiquier,

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