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From Arcueil - Cachan to Nation by subway:

The fastest route in the Paris subway from Arcueil - Cachan to Nation takes 37 minutes. This route takes lines subway line B and subway line A. It has only one change at Châtelet - Les Halles station . The complete route crosses 12 stations.

Result of the trip Arcueil - Cachan Nation by subway or RER with a connection:

Détail du trajet Arcueil - Cachan Nation
Nombre de
Ligne de métro et
Nom des stations
pieton Go to Arcueil - Cachan and take subway line subway line B
towards Mitry Claye
Aéroport Charles de Gaulle
1 B Arcueil - Cachan
2 B Laplace
3 B Gentilly
4 B Cité Universitaire
5 B Denfert-Rochereau
6 B Port-Royal
7 B Luxembourg
8 B St-Michel Notre-Dame
9 B Châtelet - Les Halles
Change at Châtelet - Les Halles station and take subway line subway line A
towards Marne-la-Vallée Chessy
10 A Châtelet - Les Halles
11 A Gare de Lyon
12 A Nation
pieton Get off at Nation

The departure point, Arcueil - Cachan, is located at a distance of 7,401 km from the destination (Nation). On foot, he travel time between the departure and the destination is 1 h 39 mn.

All metro or RER routes to Nation.

By bike, the trajet Arcueil - Cachan Nation route takes 34 mn.

Self-service bicycles closest to Arcueil - Cachan

Self-service bicycles closest to Nation

The station Nation, located at Paris, was inaugurated on   19 juillet 1900. It benefits from an annual attendance of 8 939 092 travellers.

Detailed plan of route Arcueil - Cachan Nation by subway:


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Streets near the destination Nation:

Avenue Dorian, Place de la Nation, Rue Jaucourt, Avenue de Bouvines, Avenue de Taillebourg, Avenue du Bel Air, Boulevard Voltaire, Rue de Picpus, Rue du Sergent Bauchat, Rue Marie Benoist, Avenue de Saint-Mandé

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